About 3P Barcelona


We place brands and products strategically in films, TV series and shows, music videos, influencers’ content and online platforms.

We carefully monitor all the content available in today’s dynamic world of entertainment, select the right stories for each brand to speak clearly to its audience, and incorporate them into the storyline in the most natural, creative and efficient way possible.

With our vast global network we place brands ANYWHERE in the world, from Hollywood to Europe; from the Middle East to China.

3P Barcelona is the international expansion of the seven-year-old Istanbul-based agency 3P Product Placement Production www.3p.tv.tr. With brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Turkish Airlines, or Rixos Hotels under our belt, our teams at 3P and 3P Barcelona work with all types of local and global brands, and collaborate closely with local and international content producers to create unique and profitable brand integrations.

Whether you are a brand, a production studio, a network, an influencer or a music label, we would love to hear from you, and talk about new possible cost-effective branded integrations.

Contact us at raquel@3pbarcelona.com.